The Incredible Growing Collection of AJ McCarron’s Tattoo

AJ McCarron is a quarterback playing for the Cincinnati Bengals. While in college, he played for Alabama. He has been having a solid career in the NFL, however, he is less well-known for his achievements on the field, and more about his tattoos. Compared to other sports celebrities, McCarron has less tattoos, however, what he has is just short of controversial. On his chest, this devout Catholic has the face of a weeping Jesus tattooed on his chest. The AJ McCarron tattoo of Jesus is the centerpiece of his inks.

The inking started out with only the Jesus tattoo at the center of his chest, however, in the succeeding years, he has found the time to add more ink. Included in his expanding artwork are tattoos depicting “Bama Boy”, “MVP” and a homage to his mom and dad.

His succeeding tattoos have expanded the images, and it would seem that he keeps adding every year. The latest tattoos have now reached his arms and shoulders.

Being a successful quarterback has its benefits. He can add as many tattoos as he wants, and he can tell reporters not to ask any question about his tattoos.

In college, he played for one of the most successful teams in recent years. At Cincinnati, he has been learning the ropes and has been given a lot more playing time.

There are athletes who are more successful, and there are those who have more tattoos, but McCarron has one of the most interesting tattoos in sports.

Tattoo artists and critics can only shake their heads at McCarron’s tattoos. They feel that he should have taken more care at choosing his first tatttoo. At the very least, he should have chosen a better tattoo artist.

McCarron is a devout catholic, which would explain the weeping Jesus tattoo. What it does not explain is where he got the tattoo, and why was it of poor quality?

At 26, McCarron is still a young player in a brutal and gruelling sport. He still has to prove himself. In the meantime, expect him to show off more and more tattoos.

Barring any injuries, McCarron is bound to be more successful in the future. It is also possible that like most people who have tattoos, that he would add more tattoos as well.

As an NFL quarterback, McCarron has a lot of fans, and whenever anyone asks him for a photograph, he gladly obliges.