Ketchup Nutrition Facts – How Healthy Is It?

There various health conscious people out there. We get that. Among the common questions is this – how healthy is ketchup? This may be asked not just for health buffs who want to maintain their figure. This also raises for parents who have children to raise. Is there really a need for this food to be shaken off against one’s diet? The answer in here may vary. It may be a yes and no. It would depend on the needs of the individual. Good thing, there are various ketchup nutrition facts that may be checked. What are these?

The truth about ketchup

Ketchup, as many know, is processed. However, it does not come with any preservatives. It is not like junk foods out there. This comes with a small number of lycopene. This is beneficial in the prevention of cancer. For every tablespoon of it, 16 calories are consumed. This does not come with any fat at all. No health problem has been reported yet.

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Complete control is given to anyone who takes ketchup into their diet. There are various recipes on the web which may be followed easily. It does not matter whether you are to do it with fresh tomatoes, or canned, customizing is not a bad idea at all. You can also have spices and herbs as an addition. If by any chance you are cooking using a crock pot, there is no mess to be made. It will not splatter your stove. This is ideal too. Just make sure you cook slowly, though. It would be necessary to blend all of the ingredients. This is a way for deeper flavor to be achieved. Once everything is done, the jars should be ready. Wrap the finished product with an aluminum foil. This is a way to maintain its luminous red color.

Just a tip – when a ketchup is open, do not let it sit under direct sunlight. If this happens, it will lose good taste and eventually ferment. It may also squirt over the kitchen once the cap is taken off.  This will create a mess. In that case, having the ketchup stored in a really cool place should work. For example, go for pantry shelf. This should be away from any source of heat including a stove. Do not get this wrong. There is no need to refrigerate it. If in doubt, look at restaurants. Why are they leaving their ketchup on the table? Meaning, it would not commit any crime in health for as long as the right temperature is present.

People going on a diet should be careful with what they eat. The rule is to tone down condiments and dressings. These may sneak calories. The same may also be true with ketchup. While this may differ on the brand there is, one thing is still sure – addictive flavor and red color may affect the calorie intake. Prior to purchasing a bottle, do not be lenient in reading the nutritional contents.