Doritos Nutrition Facts – What will you get when you eat Doritos?

Doritos lovers surely know that there is a dozen of flavors the mentioned chip comes with. For every flavor, the nutritional value varies. Yes, it depends upon it. Since Doritos can be considered a great source of calories, it is suggested that a small serving size of it should be observed. The caloric punch of it is packed with a little amount of nutritional value that is why. For those who have been consuming Doritos all the time, but want to be on the look with their diet – it would help a lot to discover a ton of Doritos Nutrition facts. 

The Content

First of all – it is necessary to know the content when it comes to calorie of the said chip. It has been this way, the serving of a Doritos, the Cool Ranch, let us say, has about 150 calories. Do not get this wrong because this does not even come with the dip or dressing. The calorie of it will have to be perceived separated. In that 150 calories, there is like 70 of fat, and 70 of carbohydrate. Ten of it though will surely be originating from protein. When it comes to having the nutritional value of food considered, it can be compared to the content of the calorie. With all of these, it is not surprising that there are  people out there who would feel like Doritos is not really a good, or an appealing choice to pursue at some point. Take this as a good example; a banana may come with 135 calories. However, it can provide a great amount of nutrients which the body can take advantage of like potassium, and fiber. This has been observed.

Other Facts

If Doritos is to be served in 8 grams for example, one gram of it will definitely be saturated. That is how it has been. There is a low saturation rate of it actually. This is a good thing.  While 8 grams of the given fat would be responsible in representing 12 percent of the fat intake which is always recommended, and then that can also be given attention. Doritos also has zero grams of the sunflower’s trans fat. This also involves canola oils and corn. These are utilized in the process of cooking rather than that of the fat which comes with oil.

When it comes to Protein and Carbohydrates, these will have like 18 grams. These are all true for the carbohydrates and then grams of protein. Since this is the case, it is suggested to observe at least 6 percent of the intake of both the fiber and carbohydrate. With this in mind, it has to be remembered that people who want to somehow follow a low-calorie diet will not benefit a lot from Doritos, truth be told.

For the sodium content, it goes with 180 milligrams. This is the main reason why it has the ability to give off 8 percent of the sodium. This is going to happen for only 12 chips alone. If you are suffering from a heart condition, or high blood, and then low sodium has to be consumed.