Battle of Antietam Facts – Discovering history

Potomac’s army, under the leadership of George McClellan, was responsible for mounting a number of powerful assaults against that of Robert E. Lee. This is located near that of Sharpsburg, Maryland and it took place on September 17, 1862. As for the morning assault, counterattacks were able to sweep back vicious Confederate. This happened through that of Miller’s Cornfield. The same is also the case for West Woods. A lot of Battle of Antietam facts are written all over the place.

After the aforementioned, just in the battlefield’s center, such a terrible struggle was also witnessed. Just after that particular day, a third, and most probably the final assault was undertaken by the Union army. This was responsible in pushing the bullet-strewn stone bridge away at the Antietam Creek. This was also the instance when the Federal forces suddenly started to collapse the right Confederate. There was a timely arrival during this time at the AP Hill. This was in the division of the Harpers Ferry. This helped a lot in driving the Potomac Army back for the last time. If there is the bloodiest single day recorded in the history of American military, it will be the mentioned. Everything actually concluded in a draw. However, the retreat of the Confederate provided Abraham Lincoln the so called victory that everyone was rooting for during that time. This was the time when he wants to issue the Emancipation Proclamation.

Learning more about the Battle

Indeed, the battle happened near the Antietam Creek in Maryland. This will always be considered as the very first invasion of South in the North State. Even if it has been known as a fact that Maryland was always a border state and that there are tons of people out there who were not really happy about taking part of the said Union. During that time, the Confederates were very much confident with the way they were performing in the battle. Well, such courage came from the incident when they were able to defeat the Union. This was experienced by the said group during that of the Second Battle of Bull Run.

It was during those occurrences when General Lee finally hoped to have the Union defeated. This was the reason why the North suddenly gave up. Since then, the Union was able to emerge in the Battle of Antietam. There were casualties on both sides though. They were heavy in number. To put it into figure, there were like 2, 3000 casualties. This was said to be the bloodiest day in the Civil War considering that it had only been a day. It was General George McClellan who was rejected from the group after the said battle. This still transpired even if they actually succeeded in the battle. In September 1862, President Lincoln was still given a chance to issue the said proclamation. Great Britain and France also recognized the Confederate States of America as that of an independent nation. This provided aid to the South at the end.