Facts about Snow Leopards – The basic

Snow leopards become familiar to many people because of their thick, beautiful fur. Basically, the gray coat it goes along with may be in three colors: white, soft or yellowish. This can be coupled with spots that may vary in two shades – brown or black. It is with the markings which help them in camouflaging from their prey. Since there are thick coats, the tails which are heavy fur-lined, and the paws which are always covered with the fur would be able to adapt to the demands of a cold weather. The same is also true with dry habitats if that is even applicable. There are still many other facts about Snow Leopards that are meant to be learned. What are these?

Their Diet

The snow leopards are responsible in hunting for wild goats and sheep. They are like this. As a matter of fact, they can also eat even the small animals including hares, rodents and even the game birds if there is a need for that. As for its population, they are considered to be rare of kind. There is an estimation made for their number – it has been said that they are only 3,500. They can reach to a maximum of 7,000 and that is just about it. These leopards are always in the wild. That is for sure. There are only 600 to 700 of them – as estimated – which are captured and placed in the zoos. The exact number in the wild though has not been properly identified yet. This took place because the leopard goes with its very shy nature.

As for the range, the snow leopards may be situated somewhere in the altitudes of 9,800 to that of 17,000. This is the height of the location they can go in. They are normally found on the Central Asia Mountains. Even if this is the case, the range may span from Kazakhstan to that of Afghanistan. This may also be true with Russia just in the north part of India and that of China. As for China for example, almost 60% of these snow leopards are found there. It came to a point when they disappeared from a particular part of Mongolia though. This was also made part of the said historic range itself.

Snow leopards would surely go for habitats which are made up of cliff areas. They will also love to be in ravines and rocky outcrops. They want this because with the presence of the said habitats, they will be provided with camouflage that is very much necessary in the ambushing of prey. They will do this by stalking. This occurs from spring and they will be at a distant of 20 to 50 feet. The powerful and long hind will help the leopards leap even up to a distance of 30 feet. They can do this of course. This is six times of the length of their body. They can be as intense like this. That has been observed already. Indeed, these leopards are not just about their look.