Mauna Loa Facts – What is it today?

Mauna Loa is included in the list of active volcanoes found in the world. This can extend from 13,697 feet just above the sea level. This may also reach that of3,100 feet which is now below the level of sea. This covers that of like 50% of the island of Hawaii. This can extend up until Hilo. Aside from this, even the portion of Kholo Bay just in North Kona may also be touched by the vicinity of the given volcano. This is always found in most Mauna Loa Facts stated.

More about Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa will always be huge in form. It can even cause the Pacific plate to reside on sag or even the weight of a volcano; this also goes with five volcanoes of the Hawaii Island. This is another consideration. Among these are Mauna Kea, Kahala, Kilauea and Hulalai. Only three of these are active, the rest is the different story.

Mauna Loa will always remain that shield stage and even feature of the caldera. This is where Mokuaweoweo comes into place. As for the summit, this is 3.7 and by that of 3.9 miles.

Most data were used by geologists in studying. They even utilized radiocarbon dating in determining the number of times this Mauna Loa erupted just in the past 30,000 years. It was said that about 35 percent of the lava, the entirety of it, has been declared in 500 flows. This occurred every day and it placed almost 12 million of cubic meters happening on a daily basis. The oldest rock during this time was also found in the volcano and it took place between the 100, 00 and 200,000 years way back.

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Most of the records say that the eruptions occurred in 33 times ever since 1843. This was perceived in most written records of a lot of the volcanic eruptions starting in the European contact. It was in the fissure of Mauna Loa which the 150 lava eruption was traced and detected. This was there directed in the rift zone of the southwest. This elevated in almost 10,000 feet. This crosses Highway 11 in most of the three places and it can even destroy about dozens of structures which were also present prior to reaching the shoreline of South Kona. This occurred after three hours later.

Since then, Mauna Loa is on the rise and this is happening on a gradual process. Above the sea level, there is 4km in it. That is one of the main differences too.. This is the largest volcano found on Earth within. The long flank of the submarine is also on a slanting position on that of the sea floor. This is added with a 5 km measure and it also reaches a great mass of that of 8 km. This is why the volcano can be of 17 km summit. This can be converted into 56,000 ft. This is just above its base. The volcano is indeed enormous these days. This can cover half of the Hawaiian island. This is said to be 85% of the entire island itself.