Reliable Mount Fuji Facts – General Information

Who have not heard of the word Mount Fuji? It is quite shocking to meet people who haven’t. There are many individuals who want to see the mentioned in actual and this is not surprising. This 12,388 feet mountain is considered to be the highest. It is situated in Japan. This active volcano is so tall that it perfectly mimics the shape of a cone. It would not be hard to see various Mount Fuji Facts around the place. The said volcano erupted almost 3 centuries ago, in the year 1707. Yes, this is quite a long time now.

A Close Look at Mount Fuji

Mt. Fuji took its name from the goddess of fire referred as Fuchi. This was after the beliefs of Buddhism. Mount Fuji may be climbed on specific months only. Usually, this is from July to August. But then, even if this is the case – do not get any of it wrong. It is actually not easy to climb the mountain. The temperature of the summit may be one of the challenges. Sometimes, it may be really low then it can go the opposite. There are instances when it is only 35 degrees. This may occur too.

Most records show that a Buddhist monk was the very first person recorded to climb the mountain. Indeed, it is forbidden most especially for women to have it climbed. It changed though in the year 1912. Today, there are five lakes surrounding Mount Fuji. These are Yamanakako, Saiko, Kawaguchiko, Shojiko and Motosuko.

The famous mountain is indeed a must see. The volcanic cone being shown by this active stratovolcano will always be admired by a ton of spectators. The mountain won’t be formed if it was not for phases of volcanic activities. These are in four ways. These might have occurred 600,000 years ago until its very last and recent eruption which dated on 1707.

Needless to say, the mountain will always be seen as sacred. Its great peak has then been revered by the so called native Anu. The embodiment of nature has been depicted by Shintoists. There is also a belief saying that the mountain comes with a soul. Most of the Japanese Buddhists also claim that this may also be a gateway directed towards a different world. There are three holy mountains dubbed in Japan. These are Mount Haku, Mount Tate and Mount Fuji.

Based on references, Mount Fuji is climbed the most all over the world. There are like 100,000 people who trek on the said beauty every year whenever it is the start of the summit. As compared to other known sacred mountains, there are people out there who plan to make a pilgrimage in order for its peak to be climbed. Almost 30% of these climbers are identified as foreigners. The rest of them on the other hand are all Japanese nationals.

This beautiful mountain will always be commended and it will not be surprising anymore. Its symmetry and beauty is indeed one of a kind and it is an opportunity to be witnessed.