The Mothman Facts – The Real Story

In the year 2002, a movie entitled The Mothman Prophecies was released. It starred Laura Linney and Richard Gere. The said film is directed by Mark Pellington. There are posters around and trailers as well because it was launched before the public on January 25, 2002. This comes with an explicit warning that says the whole story is actually based on true events. But then, the question here is – what is really meant by true events? What does Mothman implies anyway? There are tons of Mothman facts that have  to be learned by those who are interested.

On an interview with Loren Coleman, she said that there were four individuals on November 15, 1966, both of them were married, who were situated in the Point Pleasant lovers’ lane. This was in West Virginia. This was the time when a researched dubbed as Fortean Phenomena is being carried out. This was derived from Charles Fort since the year 1960. The said couples stumbled upon giant red eyes. They were frightened by what they saw. They were afraid because they do not have any idea on what to do with it, or how to deal with it if that is the case.

The mentioned was the first time when Mothman was saw. It was described to stand 6 to 7 feet with its red eyes. And yes, it does not come with a head. The eyes were said to be set in its breast area. That is how it was put. This was the time when the creature had to go to them. This was the reason why they had to take off. The creature was then followed right up. It even went to the limits of the city. The incident had to be reported to the local sheriff, so it was. This was the time when the said official went to that lane. He also searched around. He was able to see a smoke puff just nearby. This was a sign that the creature might be taking off and then landing again. This also happened.

Coleman stated that the account since then was ridiculed by the local press. This was the time when something odd started to unfold. It leads to more and more people seeing the said creature. It became the talk of the town. As for the following 14 months, 200 individuals were able to interact with the strange phenomena. The number of people claiming they saw the phenomena also increased. This was observed.

The name of it though was obtained because of the local newspaper. During that time, the series of Batman were being shown and ran on TV. Of course, they would never call it Batman. It goes with wings. That is why the copyeditor instead named it Mothman. There was no other information aside from this. The copyeditor, up until now, is still being tracked for confirmation. However, there is no success in doing it. During that time, it was not just the Mothman visible in the place. The same is also true with UFO sightings and mutilated songs.