Excretory System Facts – Fun Facts about the System

Isn’t it a bit mind boggling that a lot of us go to the toilet only to eliminate a yellow liquid which is referred to as urine? Well, the answer will come upon the exploration of the human body’s excretory system. There are tons of Excretory System Facts around the place and it would help a lot to discover them. For those who do not have any single clue, it is not yet too late.

Fun Facts and More

Basic information about the said system may be available for research. However, there are fun ones which many owe to know. What are these?

First of all, the intestines are considered to be real long in measure. But then, the most definite and concrete question is this – how long actually? The intestines can actually be 8.5 meters as for its length. This may be in equivalent to 27 feet if stretched out all in line. That is how long it can be and not a lot of people are aware of that.

The bladder also has the ability to hold a lot of liquid, if there is a need for it. This is why it is responsible for the storing of the urine. This is the waste prod after everything has been processed by the kidneys. These would contain proteins, salts and any extra water found on the body or the system if ever there is. What is more interesting is that the bladder is actually way spacious to have a can of soda filled up if there is a need for it to be like that.

Needless to say, people urinate for so many times every year. A person can urinate for like 3,000 times for their lifestyle and this will not include the pushing of fluids. That will be different. This means that anyone should make sure that they go to the bathroom or comfort room for like five to ten times. This will take up on what is being peed by the person all the time. This is why all of us should spend at least 1.5 minutes daily in the bathroom. This is what an average person has to observe.

The lungs would also play a vital role in observing a harmonious system of the body. Since the lungs are always there to help in the pulling of oxygen, it will remove the carbon dioxide later on and that is how it has always been. These are all crucial parts of the excretory system. The lung may actually reach 12 inches. The small organ though is use to breathe for a million times throughout his entire life. This is why there is a big possibility to exhale a ton of carbon dioxide in the air too. This is an expected process.

In the end, the digestive system might work so had. This will assist a lot in the processing of solid food that is responsible in taking out nutrients if there is a need for it to be like that. The same is also true with leftovers.