Sugar Glider Facts – What Petaurus breviceps are?

Little do people know that there exists specie known as Sugar glider? This tiny marsupial is really a creature and a sight to behold. Basically, it can be found just there in Indonesia, Tasmania, Australia and even that of Papua New Guinea. It has been said for so many times that this Sugar glider has the ability to survive in various kinds of forests. However, they would rather be in acacia or eucalyptus because that is what they are comfortable at. A lot of known Sugar glider facts would support this.

The name of it, sugar glider, actually originated from the reality that the animal loves to munch on and eat sugar so much. The other one though is that it can glide through air whenever it wants to. These sugar gliders are actually very social in nature. They enjoy being around people which is not common into a lot of animals. Since that is the case, they can be considered and kept as a pet. They can be taken care of domestically if there is a desire for it to be that way. There has been a threat lately and it is associated with the fact that they have been losing their habitat due to deforestation. This is true to many sugar gliders out there located in the wild. There is nothing to be afraid of because as of this moment, the said sugar gliders are safe and are stable in number. They are also not a part of endangered species which is a relief.

A Closer Look

Sugar gliders have the reach of five to six inches. They can also weigh up to that of 4 ounces. As for their tail, it can be seven inches long. The sugar glider is also covered with its fur. This may be of various colors such as soft grey, tan or yellow. The belly, chest and throat are all creamy in their color. They have a stripe, which is somehow single dark in color. This can stretch from their nose down to their tail. The large eyes of the mentioned animal provides itself the excellent night vision that only a lot of species could think and dream of. These sugar gliders are also nocturnal animals. They are only active during night and that is it. They also spend most of their life on trees that is why they are dubbed as arboreal animals. This omnivore will also eat both animals and plants. That is its nature. The diet may be made up of small birds, lizards, insects and other eggs and small mammals.

Tree sap may also be consumed by it. The same is also true with nectar and flowers. As what is has been said, the creature can hop on from one tree to another. This uses membrane which can stretch from that of the wrist to the ankle. The shape and size of it is synonymous to a parachute. This can change through modification though. This occurs as it changes its legs.